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Remember that feeling when you were a kid? That feeling where you could do anything and be anything? Remember how you felt all excited about your hopes and dreams? Do you remember planning your life ahead as a kid? Imagine us all back as kids looking hopeful into our futures; but somewhere along the way we got lost. We lost our hope. We lost our dreams. We lost our belief's.

It is so easy to lose hope.  Take a look around us and who and what we surround ourselves with. We turn on the television and there is a reminder why we have no hope, we browse through social media and come across more stories and events.  Here all along we think we have lost our hope.  But then something changes inside you, something shifts and we begin to find that piece of hope back.  Just on the darkest or gloomiest of days somehow, someone has reminded us that there is hope. 

On the days where you think you cannot move on, remember it is there. On the nights where you feel like you have lost everything, r…

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